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            Rezoning windfalls have been described as a ‘honeypot’ for landowners seeking to capitalise on land use changes.?

            Why Land Tax?

            Our land is a finite and essential resource we all need to thrive. It needs to be treated differently to other assets in our global marketplace.?

            Speculative Vacancies 10

            Our latest report into Melbourne’s vacant land and housing

            Stamp Duty to Land Tax

            This is how we get there

            The Second Interval

            Evaluating the ACT’s 20 Year Land Value taxation transition after 8 years

            We have everything we need on earth for all of us to thrive.


            Yet many of us struggle to pay our bills or find affordable housing near our workplace.


            We aim to hold up a light to the dark corners of our economic system that aren’t working for the common good anymore.


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            Our latest Research?

            The Transit Transformation Australia Needs

            Well planned public transport creates so much value for our community in terms of access to jobs, city centres, and business. This value can be?leveraged?to fund the bold projects we need to build if we’re to fix our transport infrastructure backlog.

            Stamp Duty to Land Tax: Designing the Transition

            For politicians searching for a circuit-breaker on state tax reform, our model offers generous but logical concessions for existing owners, choice for future buyers, and an attractive introductory period to secure support early on. It is complex at the policy design back-end but simple at the taxpayer front-end.

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing - Book

            Speculative Vacancies 10

            Our latest in a series of reports measuring the number of properties across Melbourne that are witheld from the rental market.

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing - Book

            The Second Interval: evaluating the ACT’s 20 Year Land Value Taxation

            Propser is undertaking a series of five reports, to be published every four years, examining the progress and impacts of the ACT Government’s ambitious land tax reform agenda.


            Progress and Poverty

            Henry George

            The all-time best-selling economics book.? Written in beautiful prose, an explainer on the paradox of increasing inequality despite advancing technology.

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing - Book

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing

            Josh Ryan-Collins, Laurie McFarlane and Toby Lloyd
            An accessible but provocative refresh to the economics of land and housing.

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing - Book

            Who Gets What?

            Frank Stilwell and Kirrily Jordan

            Analysing Economic Inequality in Australia, Stilwell & Jordan delve into the data to paint a picture of a two speed society whilst providing needed solutions.

            Game of Mates

            Cameron Murray and Paul Frijters

            A tale of economic theft across major sectors of Australia’s economy, showing how well-connected insiders are able to siphon of billions.

            Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing - Book

            The Community Land Trust Reader

            John Davis
            The Community Land Trust Reader brings together the seminal texts that inspired and defined the CLT.

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